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Constant stabilization system. SEC: Novel stabilization system for accident vehicles, fast acting, which automatically stabilizes according to the movements of the vehicle.

Light and effective.

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Emili Tank

Emili Raft: Quick-assembly folding and deployable fire raft, ideal for quickly establishing a water supply point for fire trucks.


  1. Longer and lighter suction hose, easy to handle.
  2. Suction valves to protect the raft and is capable of sucking water up to 4 or 5 cm.
  3. Filling corner, element that adapts to the corner of the basin and allows us to fill from the fire truck or hydrant with a hose.

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Element intended to be part of a fire hose installation. Its
main purpose is to hold the hose that runs vertically. It is
ideal for installations in stairwells or on a facade.

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Amphibian Rescue

It is an amphibious transport indicated for people
evacuation, transfer or rescue in flooded urban areas,
where access with vehicles is impossible or risky.
It is also very useful for transporting materials such as
release tools, SCBA equipment, etc.

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